table_top_glass_10785622_stdDo you have a beautiful timber dinning table?

Are you worried about the damage that will happen over time?

Whether you want to cover an existing table or replace the broken glass on your old dresser or dinning table we can do it all. MMPI will come out to measure and view your table giving you the best solutions to fix your problem. If you have a current table where the glass is floating on a stand MMPI will come and take a template  tracing of your table and duplicate the piece to exactly the same measurement and thickness. You can also add a bevel to the edge for extra glamor or even change the color of the glass all together.

Hot pots knives, forks and plates will eventually take there toll on your new beautiful table. The best way to protect your fine furniture is to have a nice piece of clear glass placed right over the table. Covering your table with glass will  make it easier to clean and more hygienic. Eliminating any chance of food or beverage entering a porous surface or damaging a beautiful polished surface, thus ruining your table.

Floating glass is recommended to start at 6mm thick and toughened for your piece of mind. Glass thickness will very depending on the application you are using it for. If any damage was to happen it would also be alot easier to clean, as toughened glass will not shatter  or splinter like normal glass. This is a much safer option for a house hold with children, as we all know accidents do happen and its alway better to be safe  than sorry.

Glass table top thicknesses

5 – 6mm: Best used for small coffee or bed side tables also used to cover dinning table with solid support all around.

8mm: Good for small coffee or bed side tables that may take a little weight.

10 – 12mm: Recommended for use dinning or frameless tables.

15 – 19mm: Extremely strong best for outdoor usage and tables that will take very heavy items.