MMPI Mirror Install Service

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MMPI specialize in all mirror installations, we use a fail safe system guaranteed to be straight and level the 1st time. It is much stronger and secure than any string or wire, which is usually supplied with the mirror you have purchased. We have heard many horror stories of mirrors crashing to the floor in the middle of the night. Due to a single hook or screw not being installed properly. This can be allot worse than it sound’s.  The weight of a mirror can damage your beautiful mantle piece,dinning table or furniture . Timber floors and tiles can also take the brunt of this accident causing very expensive repairs. Also factoring in the cost of a whole new mirror you could be looking at hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs.
True story.
I had a customer call me  one morning, she had purchased a mirror a few months ago. It was a beautiful black ornate frame, except the frame was made from a synthetic material which in some cases is much weaker than a timber frame. She had used the current fitting supplied with the mirror. This frame had a 6mm mirror inside which is much heavier than the standard 4mm thickness. During the night she was woken up by a massive thud and a smashing glass sound. She walked down stairs to investigate what happened, and found her mirror on the floor, glass was thrown in every direction, and the frame was smashed. The mirror was placed over her dinning table, there was some very expensive pottery that was bought from overseas sitting on the table. The mirror had come loose from the D-ring attachment screwed into the back of the mirror. The manufacturer did agree to replace the mirror for her as it was the fitting that came loose and not the hooks on her wall. Needless to say her $300 glazed pottery bowl was smashed to pieces which was not able to be replaced,  it had been in her house for nearly 15 years (priceless). The glass from the mirror scratched her solid timber dinning table which had to be polished and re sprayed. overall she ended up having to deal with insurance companies, we all know how hard it can be to claim some items. This problem would have never happened if the mirror was installed with our fail-safe  system which gives a wide area to spread the weight evenly across the wall and frame.